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Have an interest in your Health? Dieting is hard at the best of times but here’s a hint… cut out your complex sugars, drink loads of water and eat fresh, organically grown food

I know it is not easy. As a confirmed Celiac (Coeliac) Disease sufferer, combined with a severe dairy allergy, I have collated and compiled several ‘hot food’ tips to share (and probably have shared some good ones already — see categories). We have loads of info here but in 2018, we are altering our platform slightly. Stay tuned for some dynamic transformation… somewhat of an organic lifestyle anthesis…

Here’s a snapshot of last years posts…

Hope you all enjoyed your New Years/ Christmas Break and thank you for your ongoing support!

Eat well and Smile,

Bryan & Tasha, OrganicLifestyle.blog

Also, Nb- you are not weird for wanting an Organic Lifestyle

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