Organic Building Materials: Basalt Mortar, Basaltic Render and Basalt Concrete

Made from naturally occurring materials that require little mechanical processing, basalt mortar mix designs are a special building material, used for the fixing and laying of stone, brick and block. See for further infomatiom. Sustainable and highly durable, basaltbricks is pioneering in basalt render, mortar and concrete design. We use no Portland cement and... Continue Reading →

Organic Building Materials — Basalt StoneBrick™, Sustainable Building in Brick and Block

Sustainable Building for an Increasing Population Mankind is populating the globe at exponential rates. And as a result of Stanford University releasing papers (2017) on the effects of air, and environmental (human intoxication leading to death), pollution caused by brick kilns and brick firing processes in India and throughout the world are causing significant damage.... Continue Reading →

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