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New Solar panel technologies, including perovskite and organic solar cells, will drive down the cost of solar panels for a faster return on investment.

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…13 ways to improve your diet, organically and look to cure cancer



  1. Only purchase produce from known reputable grocers. Look for the sales pitch containing ‘natural’ or ‘fresh’ Avoid at all costs. Buy Certified Organic if source/ testing certificate trustworthy
  2. Avoid exceptionally bright fruit or enlarged/irregular fruits and vegetables.
  3. Stop contamination of soil using cadmium-rich rock phosphates
  4. Stop using Neurotoxins / neonics as pesticides
  5. Avoid Gluten
  6. Avoid Soy-based products including Soy Lecithin
  7. Avoid Dairy
  8. Avoid Complex Sugars
  9. Avoid Smoking/ Carcinogen Exposure
  10. Avoid Alcohol, Liquid and Aromatic Gases, Organic ‘Phenyls’ including Phenylalanine
  11. Avoid Exposure to Electromagnetic devices
  12. Enjoy Life and,
  13. Eat Well

That is the cure to cancer. Simple. Next question?

Addendum A:

  • Wash Fruit and veg twice before cooking consumption
  • Always ‘flash-boil’ vegetables for 1 min or more, even when eaten ‘raw’, to release any further toxins but do not overcook.







AUSPOL DDT still available in AUSTRALIA  – DIENOCHLOR – Half Completed SDS – Missing Test Results – Merck

C10 Cl10 = DDT or Agent Orange, and you’ve misspelled evaporate…
You’ve included firefighting techniques but you’ve not mentioned flash point…
Also, the suit may not be good enough to save them from the neurotoxins …. the sentence pertaining to carcinogenicity is incomplete.

Source:  MSDS (Dienochlor) – 45443

DDT Still Available? Where can I get Kelthane? –

The Q&A Archives: Where can I get Kelthane?

Questioner’s Location: Lutz, Fl
Date: December 1, 2009Question: I have a problem with Spidermites on my Cactus collection and have tried Malathion, Neem Oil and Sevin and none of these eliminates Spidermites for good! I was told they have become moderately resistant to these and that Kelthane is one of the few systemics that is now effective. Does Home Depot sell any miticides with Kelthane? If not, where can I find it?TIA

Answer: Kelthane is also called Dicofol and is most often sold as Dienochlor (Pentac Aquaflow, Pentac WP). I don’t think Home Depot carries these commercial grade products but you can check with your local cooperative extension office for local supplies or similar products that are more readily available to homeowners. Contact Hillsborough Extension Service, 5339 County Rd 579. Seffner, Fl., 33584-3334.

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AUSPOL | Food Standards Australia 20yrs since Cadmium Assessment

The extract is from a readily available PDF online with the subject matter ‘Poultry’


Dicophane | definition of dicophane by Medical dictionary

Definition of dicophane in the Medical Dictionary by The Free Dictionary


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di·chlor·o·di·phenyl-tri·chlo·ro·eth·ane (DDT),


An insecticide that came into prominence during and after World War II. For a time it proved effective, but insect populations rapidly developed tolerance for it, hence much of its original effectiveness has been lost; general usage is now widely discouraged because of the toxicity that results from the environmental persistence of this agent.
Synonym(s): dicophane
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A powerful insecticide now rarely used because of its toxicity. Synonym: chlorophenothane; DDT

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Australian Honey: is it safe to eat? Profit over Health

Is Australian honey unacceptably high in toxins?

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