How is your Methylation? What is it, whats wrong with your Folate (Folic acid) intake and why hasn’t the FDA/ TGA approved L-Methylfolate?

By Bryan Stralow, Editor-in-Chief, These questions are rarely asked. Everyone "methylates". Sounds ominous but I assure it is normal. We, being the collective human 'cellular' we, actually methylate at conception, or rather, fertilisation. Methylating as a zygote...  well, aren't we clever! As there are a multitude of natural, organic processes where methylation occurs, it tends... Continue Reading →

…13 ways to improve your diet, organically and look to cure cancer

  Only purchase produce from known reputable grocers. Look for the sales pitch containing 'natural' or 'fresh' Avoid at all costs. Buy Certified Organic if source/ testing certificate trustworthy Avoid exceptionally bright fruit or enlarged/irregular fruits and vegetables. Stop contamination of soil using cadmium-rich rock phosphates Stop using Neurotoxins / neonics as pesticides Avoid Gluten... Continue Reading →

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