…13 ways to improve your diet, organically and look to cure cancer

  Only purchase produce from known reputable grocers. Look for the sales pitch containing 'natural' or 'fresh' Avoid at all costs. Buy Certified Organic if source/ testing certificate trustworthy Avoid exceptionally bright fruit or enlarged/irregular fruits and vegetables. Stop contamination of soil using cadmium-rich rock phosphates Stop using Neurotoxins / neonics as pesticides Avoid Gluten... Continue Reading →

Dicophane | definition of dicophane by Medical dictionary

Definition of dicophane in the Medical Dictionary by The Free Dictionary dicophane Also found in: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia. Related to dicophane: Diclofenac di·chlor·o·di·phenyl-tri·chlo·ro·eth·ane (DDT), (dī-klōr'ō-di-fen'il-trī'klōr-ō-eth'ān), An insecticide that came into prominence during and after World War II. For a time it proved effective, but insect populations rapidly developed tolerance for it, hence much of its... Continue Reading →

AUSPOL | Time for this Petition to start up again! · Ban all Neonicotionoids (Neonics) use in Australia. · Change.org

In Australia, there are presently 37 registered NEONIC insecticides using IMIDACLOPRID and CLOTHIANIDIN. IMIDACLOPRID has been registered and in use since the mid 90's. In the USA there are over 600 registered NEONIC products now. USA and Europe are two of the biggest markets for pesticides. According to regulations supplied by the Australian Pesticides and... Continue Reading →

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