CAMP BABY: Portable, Durable and Certified Organic | Day Bed for Travel and Adventure

CAMP BABY, purveyors of all natural things, care for comfort. Not only do we want your life to be more comfortable in every way possible, we want you to enjoy making your childrens’ lives more comfortable also. The “ibiza” Portable Day Bed for Adults and Toddlers

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All New Reversible CAMP BABY ‘Black Rock’ PortaBaby™ Organic Cotton Baby Portable Travel Bed– CAMP BABY™

One for the Bay Area, Melbourne Baby- Reversible Organic Cotton

The CAMP BABY ‘Black Rock‘ Baby PortaBaby™ Portable Travel Bed combines a subtle ‘birds at dusk’ print on our 100% Organic Cotton Mattress with Pure Organic Cotton Muslin on the comforter pillow upper.

The ‘Black Rock’ PortaBaby™ has been the initiator of change for CAMP BABY. Due to popular request, CAMP BABY have also brought in a fully reversible, or Luxury, edition of the PortaBaby™ Babynest. Used on this occasion is our durable certified organic dark blue soft-touch raw denim.

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Looking for a Portable Beach Bed? Say ‘No’ to Plastic Inflation | CAMP BABY


Say a big NO to plastic Portable Beach Beds that require inflation. If it needs to be pumped up to use, ask yourself, “How long will it last?”.

With the CAMPBABY Sunlounger™ being made from durable and certified organic materials, our Sunlounger has numerous ecological and ergonomic advantages.

Enjoy the CAMP BABY Sunlounger Summer  You Tube list that we have compiled on top of your Pure Organic Cotton Portable Beach Bed.


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Looking for a Portable Toddler School Bed? CAMP BABY NAPTIME Portable Toddler Day Bed

Portable, Durable and Water Resistant Toddler Portable Day Bed

CAMP BABY, creators of the PortaBaby™ portable baby day bed, have applied the same design philosophy to the NAPTIME™ and Sunlounger™ portable day beds. Finely manufactured, our French-grown organic cotton is dense, quality fabric that feels amazing.

Suited for small children and small adults, the NAPTIME comprises of a folding bed-type arrangement with a built-in water resistant and antimicrobial barrier surrounding our inner certified-organic mattress wadding.

Perfect for Schools, Kindergartens, Day Care or Child Care centers.

Need larger quantities, CAMP BABY happily offer retail for smaller individual and wholesale (supply chain) for larger quantities and can cater for your budgets.

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