Cancer is increasing in Children but what is to blame? | Cancer Research | Organic Lifestyle Blog

Childhood Cancer is on the increase but what is the cause? UK Scientists say "germ-free" life is to blame Results obtained from recently released scientific report indicate the correlation between overly sterile, germ-free environments, mainly within the first year of a newborns life, and the prevalence of childhood leukaemia (cancer) is clearly evident There are... Continue Reading →

Cadmium levels being regulated in EU but not in AUS… home of Carcinoma and Melanoma | Cadmium-rich Rock Phosphates

Bryan Stralow, Editor-in-Chief Australian politics is sometimes a slow-reacting contraption; a physical extention placed in position by large corporates who control the fickle and easily bought 'political class'. 20 years since the last cadmium assessment seems somewhat delayed. Especially considering the purity of the phosphates here in Australia and the level of acceptable maximums... Continue Reading →

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