Child reacts to ‘megadose’ of sugars in milk product marketed towards children

A very well known dairy product manufacturer, who markets a flavoured milk product called “milky max”, should really be calling their product sugar max but decided not to due to poor pr performance ratings.


The above product mentions no artificial sweeteners but contains approx 27g of sugar per bottle. This is more sugar than some soft drinks.

The sugar shown in the measuring cup is what the 250ml bottle contains. Would you serve this sugar to a three year old? As a result of discussions within parent groups, we found that more and more reactions to sugar are being noticed in children after consuming products such as this dairy product.




Looking for a Portable Beach Bed? Say ‘No’ to Plastic Inflation | CAMP BABY


Say a big NO to plastic Portable Beach Beds that require inflation. If it needs to be pumped up to use, ask yourself, “How long will it last?”.

With the CAMPBABY Sunlounger™ being made from durable and certified organic materials, our Sunlounger has numerous ecological and ergonomic advantages.

Enjoy the CAMP BABY Sunlounger Summer  You Tube list that we have compiled on top of your Pure Organic Cotton Portable Beach Bed.


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Looking for an Organic Lifestyle? Well, here it is… | Join our Growing Audience

img_0378 is growing – Thanks to our Supporters, we have been taken back by the overwhelming reaction to a true and open-source of Organic-natured subject matter.  Our reach now covers many major social media sources such as facebook, twitter, google+ and is constantly growing.

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